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Сердце Максимум
„Radio-Samara-Maximum“ - is the first independent radio station in the Samara province. It was organised in 1992 by famous Samara ex-hippie and rocker Konstantin Lukin, who is the general director till present time.

The city of Samara, the capital of the Samara province, lies on the left bank of the great Russian river Volga which can be found in the European part of Russia. There are one and a half million inhabitants living in Samara, around six million inhabitants in the Samara province, (the Samara region). The area of the Samara province is equal approximately to the area of such European country as Belgium.

Thanks to the unique location of three “Harris Platinum” transmitters with highly effective transmitting antennas, located in the towns of Samara, Togliatt and Cyzran, we are covering with our broadcasting, of course on different frequencies, almost the whole area of the Samara province and partially also the neighbouring: Orenburg, Saratov and Ulyanovsk provinces, including the towns of Ulyanovsk and Dmitrovgrad.

We are on the air all around the clock evry day.

Our radio station has a clear format at present - it is a rock-radio. The best pieces of rock and pop-rock music of 80th - 90th, in combination with super-hits of 60th - 70th, and bright style hits of present times - this is the basis of our on-air broadcasting.

The base of music library consists of Gold & Hit CDs from TM Century (foreign music), CDs from Pro Radio (Russian music) and CDs from oter companies. “Radio Samara Maximum” is equipped with it’s own powerful production studio, it’s able to implement any ideas in high tecnical level in both digital and analouge formats. In our air studio we use digital on-air station ENCO with the “Power Gold” computer program and that gives the play-lists and rotations in optimal conditions.

So on the 7th of May 1992 the first on-air broadcasting of the first independent radio station „Radio-Samara-Maximum“ was undertaken.

That was the time, which was quite stormy, it was the time of new democratic Russia emergence when it was already possible to establish new independent mass media. Having in mind a long standing, let us say youthful, desire of organising a rock radio station, we did not fail to use this new possibility.

It turned out that people have their requirements not only regarding the music but also regarding the information to be provided. That is why we had to hire a news-man who started to prepare hourly news reviews, using Russian information resources at the beginning. Being democrats in our nature we decided to provide out listeners with the possibility to define their own opinions concerning events happening in the world based on objective information. With that purpose we started to use the news from „Radio Freedom“, radio „German wave“ and „Voice of America“.

As we were producing our own programmes, it was necessary for us to distinguish ourselves from the retransmitted pop-stations,which started to grow as mushrooms in our region. We were the first ones in Samara who started to organise talk-shows with the guests of our town. There were not only musicians, but also sportsmen, politics. Later on, in 1996, the ex-president of the Soviet Union Michail Gorbatchev was the guest of our station.

There are more than 18 broadcasting stations in Samara market, among which “Samara Maximum” fills a firm place in the beginning of rating table. Unlike other audience leaders, rebroadcasted fron Moscow, “Samara Maximum” did not lose its audience due to the appearance of new broadcasting stations, but held its position, that is the evidence of high loyalty of our audience. For the last year the number of advertisers, who place information at thin format broadcasting stations, has increased, because the appeal to the marrow format audience allows to influence more efficiently on the target groups, which are necessary for advertisers, unlike cooperation with more rating stations that have an uncertain audience.

The target group of “Samara Maximum” is an active part of citizens, that has cultural wealth and intellectual knowledge, people, who have already found their place in life and who take decisions on their own.

The program policy of “Radio-Samara-Maximum” is directed to active group of people with low, middle and high purchasing capacity ant it focuses on people of the most active age, with certain cultural demands, and as an example of a programme of high moral standards can serve the Christian and musical programme for young people called „Clarity“. This programme follows the purpose common to all Christians. It is, naturally, the music programme broadcast weekly. It consists of music, thematic monologues, dialogues, interviews, quiz, and is naturally interactive. It has a target to present the evangelic wisdom in a form acceptable for youth, namely. It informs of the events happening in the Samara region, in the country as well as all over the world from the point of view of Holy Bible. It has also the aim to fight against drug addiction, alcoholism, to promote moral and aesthetic education of youth and of course to contribute to the change of life towards the better future.

There is not only the music of the Christian authors and singers played during the programme but there is also music of all the styles and directions, even good old Elvis Presley.

During the years of its existence, the programme „Clarity“ has helped people in the real life situations many times. We know about the cases when the listeners abandoned their idea of committing suicide, stopped using drugs, alcohol, restored their families or returned back home to their families. We were even informed of the recovery of the physical health of our listeners. Many young man listened to this programme at least several times turned to God.

Several years ago representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church (it is the dominant religion on the area of the ex Soviet Union, and more precisely in the Russian Federation)approached the management of the radiostation with the proposal to initiate a programme of the Orthodox Christian orientation for young people, and maybe also for older generation. The Orthodox Christian religion is the traditional world religion, although during the soviet times the traditional moral and cultural values of Russia were discredited by the communist power which finally resulted in the significant reduction of the spiritual and moral traditions of the Russian society. As the result we started the programme organised in co-operation with the Russian Orthodox Church called “Sretenie”. It has been broadcast every Thursday, in the time comfortable for the listeners. The main targets of the programme are: assistance to the spiritual and moral development of young people in our region, formation of a positive public opinion on Orthodox Church and other traditional cultural values. The programme “Sretenie” has a form of the free dialogue between a clergyman of the Russian Orthodox Church and representatives of youth concerning a determined theme. It is an interactive programme, which uses two and sometimes even three telephone lines for the communication with the listeners. The motto of the programme is „In a modern way about spiritual aspects of life“. The programme enjoys certain interest and contributes to the promotion of the lofty ideals of good, justice and Christian attitude to life.

The economic reforms executed in not always reasonable way in Russia at the beginning of 90th caused closure of many industrial enterprises, which resulted in mass unemployment and impoverishment of inhabitants. Many people found themselves under the poverty line. Having our goal to help those destitute people in their solution of legal problems, we organised unique programme called „Family Attorney“.We created this programme based on mutually beneficial terms with a legal consultation office in Samara which needed promotion and provided us with a competent lawyer to moderate such a programme. The „Family Attorney“ programme consists of two parts. In the first one, the shorter one, the moderator presents an interesting legal topic, which he considers interesting and useful for the listeners. In the second part, the longer one, the radio listeners are calling directly to the studio and the attorney answers their questions. When we prepared this programme we followed the aim to help the destitute people who do not have the chance to pay for the service of an attorney or lawyer. It made its contribution to the increase of the legal and economic awareness to a level providing people with understanding of how they should act and behave in various situations of today’s difficult time. And, of course it also contributed to the reduction of bureaucratic power, which in fact is present in our region and impedes the democratic process there. And last but not least, we believed that those destitute people concerned would abandon their feelings of detachment, spiritual bankruptcy and helplessness regarding the activities of the authorities. That was our first project from the whole series of the „Radio-Samara-Maximum“ social programmes.

So called „Labour exchange“ was the another social directed programme. It was introduced to assist people who lost their jobs and were looking for new ones to find a job in the shortest possible period. The programme was also based on mutually advantageous terms - we organised it in co-operation with the legal employment agency that needed promotion and on the other hand provided us with a qualified specialist with a computer database. The programme „Labour exchange“ is broadcast in the day-time, three times per week, as the direct in-air broadcasting with the operative access to the special computer database prepared for its purpose. The moderator is really very enthusiastic person, and practically in few seconds he carries out the professional consultation on employment resulting in the particular address provided to each listener calling to the studio. We usually have two or three telephone lines connected. The programme is performed in an interactive style of a dialogue between the moderator and the listener, which makes the listeners to turn to the positive and life-asserting attitude to the life. The great number of calls proves the necessity and usefulness of such programme, as many people cannot afford the services provided by professional agencies and bodies. Our programme provides the same kind of services free of charge.

And in the end, the history of creation and execution of the youth music programme called „Rave Time“. If at the beginning the programme had only entertainment music character and represented a set of certain compositions, undoubtedly new ones, following the determined theme, with the time, as new „fresh“ authors were coming it has transformed into a youth publicist programme, which today presents not only the music part but also interactive talk-shows with the listeners focused on the topics which are stirring for the youth. Of course, all that alternates with the dancing music. The topics are various: it can be sex, drugs, relation to religion, relation to authorities and powers, relations among people, contacts with foreign young people. There are interesting guests invited to the programme regularly, and the programme itself is interactive. The Governor of Samara region, representatives of students, president of women’s club, deputies of the local parliament, champions of the Russian Federation in fitness, President of the Russian fund „No to drugs and alcohol“, scientists working for the Narcology Institute of the Ministry of Health Care of the Russian Federation, head of the youth department of the Samara Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church, clergyman, and many other interesting people were the guests of the programme, including many Russian and foreign dancing groups. The programme was awarded with the Samara Prize „Iron key“ („Zheleznyj klyutch“) in the nomination „Mass Media“. The programme „Rave Time“ in its renewed version has been broadcast since 2000, and it represents the first youth dancing and thematic radio programme in the Samara region.

So, these are some examples of our work in the area of social and high moral standards programmes broadcast by „Radio-Samara-Maximum“, which represents already developed radio station at present. We have 30 persons in our staff; there are about 25 original programmes broadcast weekly, including news, fun, music, entertainment, and religeous programms. Part of them are interactive.

More than 1000 companies make their business with “Radio-Samara-Maximum”.

We are active in social life of our town as well. Every Christmas eve, New Year we organize a welfare fests for orphans and handicaped children.

Every year “Samara Maximum” arranges the festival of live music “Bell Bottom Jeans”, to which the best bands of Samara region are invited, here people once again make sure that Samara music, Samara rock is more than alive, and that fact strengthens patriotism in people’s soul! There is free beer and snack for the guests of festival.

This action is directed to the revival of the old good Rock-n-Roll, the integration of representatives of different generations, and the supporting of local musicians, selfpromotion as well.

Annually the radio “Samara Maximum” holds charitable actions “Radio “Samara Maximum” – for children”, “Radio “Samara Maximum” – for soldiers”, and “Radio “Samara Maximum” – for hospitals”.

People at the age of 16-24 years old make 34% out of the whole audience of “Samara Maximum”;

People at the age of 25-34 years old make 36%;

And those who are 34 and older make 30%.

Now “Radio Samara Maximum” is a local brand performed for 17 years.

The own advertising campaign of “Samara Maximum” is based on the concept “Your city – Your radio!”We sure that our listeners must have the right to choose – what to listen and how to do it.

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